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Vikrant Housing Society 42, Laxmi Park Colony, Navi Peth, Pune - Maharashtra 411030

Simply Perfect

In today's times, where our routines are dictated by technology, and where we have a lot to run after; the sense of simplicity and perfection is somehow lost. While simplicity is something that we have left behind as a result of our hectic routines, mediocrity continues to push us away from our desire for perfection, every day. In this muddled and seemingly complicated scenario, it's time to bring in a breath of fresh air. It's time to relive simplicity and perfection, together.

Perfect Execution

Vikrant lives up to its promise of blending simplicity with perfection, in more ways than one. Designed by Pate Gruha Navnirmaan, a lot of thought has gone into maximum utilisation of indoor spaces. The 3 BHK homes at Vikrant are built with a deep understanding of today's modern families and their needs. Driven by the rich legacy of Pate Developers, every home is right-sized and right in space design.

This combination of fine design and flawless execution makes Vikrant simply perfect.

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